Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Building support for the reprioritisation of Motion 106

‎Delegates from Hounslow, Hampshire and West Sussex joined Lambeth delegates to distribute hundreds of leaflets outside the SECC in Glasgow this morning (thank you comrades!)

There is an increasing recognition that, as the thirteenth motion on the "remaining order of business" (known - for reasons lost in the mists of time but almost certainly unrelated to the Book of Genesis - as "the snake") Motion 106 will only be debated if it is reprioritised for Friday afternoon.

‎Delegates who want a debate on branch funding need to persuade other delegates in their Region to give Motion 106 TOP PRIORITY in the reprioritisation ballot. Because some parts of the Union with a voice in the reprioritisation process clearly won't want 106 debated - we need top priority from as many Regions as possible if we are to get 106 at or very close to the top of business for Friday afternoon.

Since any further Emergency motions or composites admitted tomorrow to the agenda will very likely be timetabled for Friday afternoon ahead of the reprioritised business (and since Friday afternoon's business is wound up at 3.45pm)‎ we won't get far down the list.

There are a number of ways in which delegates (and visitors) in Glasgow can help to persuade others to support reprioritisation of Motion 106;

Talk to other delegates in your branch and Region (just like recruiting and organising there's no substitute for face to face contact);

Raise the need to reprioritise Motion 106 when speaking at fringe meetings if it's relevant (or even if it's not...!);

‎Those who fancy a little fresh air after (or before) the torpor of the SECC can join leaflet drops from 1.30pm today and 8.45am tomorrow (look out for Lambeth delegates with leaflets);

You can tweet support using the hashtags #uNDC15 and #M106;

You can support Motion 106 by linking to this blog as your Facebook status and asking friends to share;

And, if you're really keen, you can accost people in hotel bars or pubs and strike up a conversation about Motion 106‎ (but please note that the Lambeth branch accepts no liability...)

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