Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Conference - you've willed the ends. Now will the means!

‎Lambeth branch delegate, Hitesh Patel, speaking in support of Emergency Composite 1 (also supported by the Manchester branch and the National Executive Council (NEC)) didn't just ask delegates to vote for the Composite (which they did, unanimously).

Hitesh pointed out that the Composite motion told the NEC‎ to "review what can be done to ensure that activists have sufficient facilities, support and resources to ensure that they can adequately represent their members."

Hitesh pointed out that this was a difficult task to set the NEC - but that delegates could help make it easier by reprioritising Motion 106.

We need an organising response to the war declared upon us by the Party of the rich.

That organising response must begin in and be founded upon our branches, which clearly need adequate funding to do the job.

So - if you supported Emergency Composite 1 now reprioritise Motion 106.

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