Thursday, 18 June 2015

NEC position on Motion 106 may change?

‎Word has reached Lambeth branch delegates on the floor of UNISON National Delegate Conference that the Finance Committee of our National Executive Council (NEC) has decided to recommend to the NEC that the NEC supports ("with qualifications") Motion 106.

The NEC will, however, be recommended to oppose the amendment to Motion 106 from the West Sussex branch.

Whilst we do not yet know how high up Friday's order of business‎ Motion 106 will be - and therefore whether either the Motion or the Amendment will be debated and voted upon - this development indicates the pressure upon the NEC from branches to accept that there must be redistribution of resources from the Centre to our branches.

‎We need to keep this pressure on.

And - if we can - we need to debate (and support) both Motion 106 and the West Sussex Amendment.

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