Friday, 19 June 2015

Thank you delegates

‎With ninety minutes until the close of Conference and four Composites, three motions and an amendment ahead of Motion 106 on the re-prioritised list it is clear that - barring a miracle, Motion 106 (and Amendment 106.2) will not be debated at Conference.

The motion will therefore be referred to the NEC, whose position on the substantive motion is to "support with qualifications" (whilst opposing the excellent West Sussex amendment).

Branches and delegates who are concerned to ensure adequate resources for our branches must therefore now be vigilant.

Engage with the Branch Resources Review - and insist upon regular reports from your NEC members.

For the NEC position on the substantive motion to have evolved from seeking withdrawal‎ to supporting (albeit "with qualifications") could be seen as a nod to the concerns on the floor of Conference.

However, if we are to push the Union in the direction of decentralising resources to the branches where they are needed the pressure needs to be kept up, not just in Brighton next year but throughout the year ahead.

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